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'I didn't have a bleeding disorder, any pre-existing conditions, or any cases of illness in the family. I've never smoked, I'm not overweight and I've always exercised,' Rohrer wrote on her website. After finding no alternative explanation, doctors pointed the finger at Bayer's pill, which Rohrer had been taking for eight months when she collapsed. Since her surgery six years ago, Rohrer has had to take an anti-coagulant which reduces her chances of conceiving a child. Rohrer's case will be the first of its kind in Germany, but in the US, such lawsuits are far from unheard of. Bayer has already had to pay out $1.9 billion in compensation in 9,000 cases of alleged side effects in the US.

Each pill contains an even dose of hormones that are to be taken every dayeven when you have your period. Pros: Very safe and has minimal side effects. It has none of the risks, such as deep vein thrombosis, associated with the combined pill.

 It is also a good source of hormone therapy for those that end up with too much testosterone in their bodies. This medication can be used to slow down puberty in young males that are deemed as being too young to be going through such bodily changes. This medication can also be used for women too. They shouldnt have very much testosterone on their bodies but some women do. It can be used to help women experience fewer problems with hot flashes. Ginette 35 has been used to help with reducing severe acne in both men and women. The use of this medication can be very complex though due to the body chemistry of the individual being different. The doctor will start a patient out with a very low dose of it. From there, they will monitor the results. Then the dose can be increased if there is a need to do so. The goal is to find the best benefit level while keeping the side effects at their lowest possible level. Always take the dose daily that is recommended. Dont skip doses or take more of it than prescribed. Never use this medication with alcohol. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid the use of it. The possible side effects associated with the use of Ginette 35 include suppression of the adrenal function, and that can mean changes in metabolism. This will have to be closely monitored by the doctor. Individuals with liver problems shouldnt use this mediation. It is important to do a routine liver function check frequently for patients that use this medication ongoing.They are terrific for breastfeeding mothers as well as women who, for various health reasons, cannot tolerate oestrogen. Cons: To work, it must be taken at approximately the same time every day. For that reason, it can be less effective than a combined pill. It can also cause breakthrough or irregular bleeding patterns in some women. Overview: Another Progesterone only pill, Noriday, like Microlut delivers a regular dose of the synthetic hormone levonorgestrel. Pros: As with other mini pills, there are no known serious health risks. Noriday is marginally cheaper than Microlut and is therefore often a GPs go to choice. Its also a good option for women with polycystic ovary syndrome mtp

In 2014 alone, the company paid out 768 million euros in cases connected with with its Yasmin contraception range, which includes Yaz, Yasmin and Yasminelle. According to several recent studies, birth control pills containing drospirenone, such as Bayer's Yasmin range or Jenapharm's Aida and Petibelle, were found to increase the risk of an embolism or thrombosis by up to three times compared to previous generations of contraceptive pill. The ratio between oestrogen and progesterone was quite high compared to the normal ratio. The doctor prescribed some hormone balance tablets such as Diane 35. I had the medicine for 3 months and then continued with Ginette 35 for another 3 months. During this I had regular periods almost at around the right time. I stopped the medicine last month and I am supposed to get my period soon. I have not got it yet. I only get the feeling but no period. Should I get back to the doctor? I am very much worried to take hormone tablets, it might be dangerous playing with our hormones and I am not married but will be getting married soon? Please advise. A:Diane 35 and Ginette 35 are brand names. Both of them contain exactly the same medicines: cyproterone and ethenyl estradiol. Hence there is no difference between Diane 35 and Ginette 35 except that they are manufactured by two different companies. 


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